Customer Service Excellence

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Duration: 3 Hours
Lectures: 8
Video: 2 Hours
Level: Intermediate

Customer service Excellence

Course Description

 Customer service Excellence is a strategic tool for business performance as recent studies reveal a direct relationship between an organization’s bottom line and her perceived level of service quality.

 Customer’s perception of a business or organisation’s service quality is shaped by their interactions with the staff in the organisation either by phone, email or in person. Many organizations cannot boast of great customer service because of the failure of their staff to see the link between customer service
and profitability, and to their inability to understand and shape customer expectations.

 These failures manifest in poor attitudes to customers and slow response time to customer requests, ultimately impacting on the organization’s profitability.

 This course has been designed to link good customer service with the strategy of your business or organisation thereby improving the organisation’s bottom line through great service Excellence.

 Participants would be empowered with actionable tools and concepts to build great customer service skills

In this course, you will learn:

o What Customer Service is

o Skills for effective Customer Service

o The different types of customers

o Meeting and Exceeding Customer Expectations

o Who is a difficult Customer?

o Attitudes, behaviours and skills for great Customer Experience

o Effective Communication in Customer Service

o Telephone & Email Etiquette

And At the end of the course, participants would:

 Understand the impact of effective communication
 Apply the pillars of effective customer service in their day-to-day interactions with customers.

 Motivate participants to set aggressive and realistic service quality standards for both internal and external customers.

 Manage different types of customers and exceed their expectations

 Learn techniques for handling difficult customers

 Demonstrate an understanding of questioning and listening skills.

 Ability to demonstrate proper telephone etiquettes to enhance your image and that of your organisation

 Apply the techniques to handle different difficult caller situations

 Proper Telephone Etiquette

Module 1 – What is Customer Service?
11 minutes
Module 2 – Why Customer service
10 minutes
Module 3 – Understanding your customers, needs and expectations
11 minutes
Module 4 – Qualities of a customer care personnel
12 minutes
Module 5 – Handling a difficult customer
14 minutes
Module 6 – Effective Communication
10 minutes
Module 7 – Telephone etiquette
15 minutes
Module 8 – Telephone Etiquette 2
10 minutes
Customer Service Excellence Quiz
10 questions

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