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Do you ever feel like certain candidates know the real secrets to writing a resume and you are clueless?

This resume course has taught over 2,000 people how to effectively write resumes to increase their chances of getting hired and to BEAT OUT THE COMPETITION.

That’s right, 2000 students career hacking their way to new jobs!

So wait… does that mean I can spend more time negotiating job offers and less time making changes to my resume!!!????? 

Just look at what all the incredibly good-looking people who’ve reviewed this course and gave it 5 stars have said…

By the end of this course you’ll learn the deepest, darkest secrets of resume writing that only the greatest job applicants know, like: 

  • How to write bullet points that actually impressive hiring managers
  • The best ways to prevent your resume from being automatically discarded
  • Formatting your resume to be as atheistically pleasing without losing its professional integrity
  • How to craft a colorful additional section that will lead to a vibrant interview  

So if you want to reclaim your control over your career or just have a better resume…. hear me out:


You will earn how to become a resume PRO and save hours in your job search with just  30 minutes of a few short videos created by yours truly.

If 30 minutes does not sound like a lot, don’t worry- this is all you need to learn.  Everything else out there is fluff. This course is all high impact, highly actionable content.    Not to mention…..