Human Resource Secrets for your Small Business


Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the course, students should be familiar with key human resource practices and should be able to examine the fit between these practices so as to influence strategic decision making within their businesses which includes

  • To develop the understanding of the concept of human resource management and to understand its relevance in small businesses
  • To develop the necessary skill set for the application of various HR issues with little or no help from HR Consultants.
  • To analyse the strategic issues and strategies required to select and develop and retain the right employees

To integrate the knowledge of HR concepts to take correct business decisions.

Course Details

Summary of Course and Objectives

​Today’s competitive business environment owes its success to the effective management of its human resource. The quality of the organization’s employees, their attitude, behaviour and satisfaction with their jobs, and their behaviour towards ethics and values and a sense of fair treatment all impact the firm’s productivity, level of customer service, reputation, and survival.

This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the principles and practices of human resources regardless of the size of your business. Students will be introduced to key simple steps, practices and secrets to effectively drive business performance even as a very small business. We will examine current issues around hiring, retaining and rewarding employees which will increase both employee well-being and business effectiveness

Learning Objectives includes:

  1. What HR Processes are important for a small business?
  2. How to create organizational chart for performance
  3. How to hire and retain talents for your small business?
  4. Managing family and friends in your business
  5. How to motivate and develop employees
  6. How to build Accountability among employees
  7. How to build employee loyalty
  8. How to ensure employees stay happy

Teaching style

  • This course is fully available in a video format
  • You will study at your time and pace
  • You will have access to this course anytime
  • Finally a Certificate of completion!

Module 1: Introduction to HR for SMEs

Module 2: Objectives

Module 3: Building the Fundamentals

Module 4: Establishing a culture

  • Organizational chart

Module 5: Hiring for your small business

  • Designing job descriptions

Module 6: Steps for hiring

  • Selection and placement

Module 7: Working with friends and family

Module 8: How to motivate employees

  • Building a structure of accountability

Module 9: Correcting employees

Module 10: Introducing employee loyalty

  • How to build employee loyalty

Module 11: How to ensure employees are happy


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